Website for $100? Ya right.

So some Johns, Janes and Kims are offering to do a full website for a mere $100. We are going to describe what happens in the months following that.

You are happy that you are getting your awesome website done for a mere $100 or less. You are smirking at all your competitors who spent more, and thinking “ha! sucker!”

But what follows is something that wipes that smirk right off your page.. Err.. face.

When you see the design, you feel like you have been punched in your gut. Your business offering is your dream, it’s your vision, mission and future. But the design that is in front of you for your “website” does not translate that dream, that professionalism, that charm that you had expected in your 24/7 online sales team aka your website.

This website does not even reflect the class act that your clients always say you have. And worse yet, the website you just got done is not even responsive. Even worse, looks like it was done in the 1990s.

But you are a fighter, an eternally positive person who sees the best case scenario every time. You square your shoulders, and think all is not lost yet. You jump into telling them what kind of changes to be made, what else you need to make it work.

Screechhhh… You have just been forced to brake. And why? Multiple reasons, Let me elaborate:

  • The team is now saying the 5k or 10k was only for one design, changes are extra. (Ha! You didn’t expect that did you?)
  • The team quite literally does not have the capability to make the change you were expecting. (Really, what were you thinking?)

You have made your peace thinking you just wasted 5k or 10k on a crappy website and thinking, no, I will not let this get me down, I will still make the best out of the worst. I am going to hire a fantastic company to design a lovely Landing Page - I’ll show only this landing page to my clients or prospects. When I make more money I will redo the website. (This is a true story by the way).

Little did you know that this 5k 10k design company has enrolled you into a specific CMS based website. Meaning, you cannot make any changes, add pages unless done by them. How much do they charge you to add a single page? 5k.

You think “no no, I’ll do it myself, just hand over the login and password.

Screech again. “Sorry sir, all our client’s details and websites are on this login, if I share this with you, I am compromising their security and business.

Ya right.

You start wondering in earnest if you made a wrong decision. You think to yourself, never again to trust design companies!

And that’s where you are wrong.

There is a reason why quality comes with a price. Why China made products are cheaper. This same philosophy is applicable for Websites and their quotes.

If a company is saying it costs mere 5k to 10k to make a website, run for the hills now!

And don’t stick with the bad website thinking it will pay itself eventually to invest in a new website. That’s never a good idea. Your website is the first room to present for success.

As experts in Website Designing and Development, we really know what we are talking about.

Talk to us to understand our process better.

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