How to script great content - The Obama Way

So the White House Correspondent Dinner happened over the weekend. It was a jazzy, snazzy affair with The President, media barons, celebs and top politicians in attendance. Really, what ensures media frenzy than an illustrious guest list like this? And every year, Obama and his team of fantastic script writers have outdone themselves with the material. There are jokes.. and then there are jokes.

So you may ask, why is this such a big deal ~ well, I'll tell you. When the President of US is making a fully serious speech talking (droning) about his policy, pushing his reforms, not everyone stops and notices. Especially the youth of the nation with an attention span of few seconds. Now what has had this speech trending and discussed world wide is the essence of humor also added to it.

This my friend, is the very essence of story telling AKA Content Writing.

President Obama's key contribution has been Obama Care. Republicans and some percentage of American population has not been ok with that. So what does the president do to make sure the details about Obamacare reaches the youth of the nation who are glued to their phones, snapchat, twitter and facebook? He reaches through these very channels and with content that will make them smile laugh but most of all remember. Check out the video of the “Couch Commander” with Snapchat clip about Obamacare.

Not only are they about his reforms, he makes sure the content registers with the youth. He also makes some IN- comments about the top trends like:

  • Red wedding from the Game of Thrones fame to talk about the Supreme Court Judge Nomination.
  • Orange is the new Black while talking about how Republicans are giving a hard time to the Speaker of the House while trying to bring reforms.
  • Blackish to talk about how his own race card and his campaign about “Yes We Can” bought about a temporary racial equality heaven with his election.

Anything said and done, the guy knows what works and how. Every time. It's all about being present and having content that actually speaks to the masses0

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