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Integrated Marketing Strategy, tailor made to our client’s business needs. We create custom strategies. Period. We get into details of your brand to craft the perfect strategy integrating every aspect of digital marketing that makes sense to your brand. We strive to bring about successful lead generation by boosting the brand identity and streamlining the marketing activities.

Here’s a scenario:

A B2B company targeting audience on the CXO levels. This particular set of target audience are not ones with a lot of time on hand. They look for leaders in the market. How will a company targeting one such professional make contact? Think SEO to begin with when the CXO looks for the service leader, your company comes up in the search results at the top slots, he looks up your website, and is pleasantly greeted by a series of relevant content, presented in various forms in both online and easy-to-download offline materials. He then checks out the great Linkedin company page done brilliantly with great content, this CXO then browses a couple of online forums/magazines, there he/she spots an ad from the same company asking if he would be interested in a webinar that addresses his exact problem. But you are a start up and he wants to know if you are associated with any other companies. Lo and behold, comes your clients/partners page and a few mentions on PR channels about your company, the CXO now feels confident in your credibility.

Need we say more? Your company has a hot lead. All you need is to complete the sales process.

This is just a glimpse of what Pixcid can do for you. End to end marketing strategy complete with relevant visuals is our specialization. We have literally been there done that with companies across the globe in so many industries as clients and for clients.

With PPC/SEM, we can create leads on a regular basis.

Interested in getting Branding done?

  • Do you need a whole set of printed and digital materials to talk your products/services?
  • Do you research and publish trendsetting content about your industry?
  • Do you participate in events where you keep a booth to meet your prospects?
  • Do you need a brilliant business relevant brand identity?

If your answer is yes to all or any of the above questions, then what you need is actually a whole bunch of designs created to visually represent your business in the industry.

At Pixcid, we create and deliver compelling designs to ensure maximum stickiness with your prospects. We are constantly working on both B2B and B2C projects to stay abreast with all the latest trends in your industry. We simplify the campaign designs to make sense from the end user’s point of view.

Be it brochures, whitepapers, eBooks, emails, banners, invites, business cards, flyers, anything. Share the specs and watch your visions come alive!

let's start

We do what fits your business the best.

Website is only the beginning, for your business to go truly digital and conquer the market, you need to reach out to customers from various channels. Pixcid can help you there. Find out more about our services to pick what you need. We will then run a research and share a holistic plan for you.

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