Social Media Marketing

What When Where How matters. Imagine the scenario, an online fashion boutique. Its focus group is vast and varied. From young adults going to college to women who need business attires. How will this online store market its products?

A primary point of contact could be through social media, but in each channel a different message needs to be put out, with different content, at different times to target each focus group successfully. What will work for a college going young adult with a budget will not work with a business professional who is looking at shopping for something classy, elegant, bordering on luxury.

From Strategy to Campaign Management to Social Media Visual Designing to Actual Management of the information on all the relevant social media channels, our team at Pixcid does it all. We are there, everywhere. We know what works with which audience at what levels and times.

All things Social Media Management.

Do you need just the visuals for social media? We can create them. Or do you need end to end social media strategy for your brand? We do that as well.

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