Your Out-Of-House Digital Marketing and Design Team

In­house teams are so “Before Social Media” era, why hire an entire team of almos-qualified employees to do your work from 9am-6pm and scoot? Why not work on a “deliverable based” model? Don’t worry about time, efforts ­ simply figure your goals/requirement and get the job done!

Why not hire an entire team of professionals working round the clock to make sure your deadlines are met no matter what? Oh and did we mention at half the cost?! Learn more about our services below:

We do what fits your business the best.

Website is only the beginning, for your business to go truly digital and conquer the market, you need to reach out to customers from various channels. Pixcid can help you there. Find out more about our services to pick what you need. We will then run a research and share a holistic plan for you.

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