Landing Matters.. Why are landing pages so important?

So when you run Google ads, the first thing that Google does as part of the routine checkup is to see the landing page, else before you know it, your budget it overboard without a single lead to compensate.

What's all this fuss about Landing Pages anyway?

Landing pages are THE most important part of any marketing campaign. Any marketing campaign is designed to drive traffic to the website, and where this traffic lands is crucial to their next step - leaving the website thinking “where the hell did I just land” or “oh nice, this is exactly what I was looking for!”.

Remember, when a visitor leaves the website at the landing page, the bounce rate increases - so not what you want! This is why Landing Pages need to be perfect. Just the right content for the right campaign in the right quantity, with a form if at all, in the right place. That's a lot of rights to get right.

So how to tackle this? One of the main points to note is that each campaign must have its own landing page. Simply put, if you are talking about a website design, its but obvious the landing page needs to have content and heading about website design not some other service that you offer, a prospect is not going to be impressed with the extra clicks he/she needs to do in order to reach the relevant content.

And its equally important to have all the right elements -

Start with the header, do you want the customer's focus to be distracted with a whole bunch of GIF banners or even your website usual header navigation bar?

No, always keep it straightforward, the logo/company name, the basic email and phone number - as some visitors might just call as opposed to filling a form.

Then the actual content on the landing page - short, crisp and most importantly - relevant. When a visitor/prospect lands on the page, they should not feel deceived or lost. They should feel confident that you know what you are talking about.

Now that the visitor/prospect has been convinced that he is on the right page, and is sufficiently impressed with the content in the page, company and with its business relevancy, they are looking at contacting you. Never make the visitor search for the form, the form has to be on the screen, without scrolling, on the left or right side. This is most important to ensure conversion of the prospect to become the lead.

What happens after the form is filled?

Design a relevant thank you page as well, where there is relevant information about the campaign for which the prospect has just entered their details. Ensure there are no broken links on the landing page or the thankyou page.

Oh, and make sure there are some markers or pointers or baits for further engagement in the thankyou page.

If the prospects take the bait, then they can be approached with more related information and lo and behold, we have arrived at Marketing Automation! Well, more on that the next time. Later!

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