Invictus ~ Management Case Study Watch

A very essential attribute of an Entrepreneur is their Leadership skills. Only with Leadership ability comes the focus and direction to take your company to the next level in a organized way that's bound to be successful. And most importantly the capability to take the right decisions.

In these lines when we watched Invictus, we couldn't help notice how the real life of Nelson Mandela is filled with brilliant lessons on being a Great leader. How about a run through, and you can see this movie in a whole new light then!

Most obvious problem that Mr, Mandela faced was the blatant racism, and how majority of the country were getting affected due to it. How do you fix it?

A good leader leads by example.

Mandela works more than anyone on his team, thus inspiring his team and countrymen to go the extra mile to make things work.

Change starts with you.

Look into the scene where the White bodyguards are appointed, he makes it clear that the Rainbow Nation starts with his identity. If he is going to practice reverse Apartheid how is it going to help the Blacks and Whites to reconcile?

Every one is important to make the country/organization a better place.

His speech on his first day stating how everyone is important in making the new government a success. Black or white.

If we support a common cause, we come together forgetting our differences.

Here is was winning the world cup while making sure the majority of South Africans - Blacks supported their own team the Spring Boks. This was accomplished by having the team touring villages and playing rugby with all the kids everywhere.

There are many scenes like this, how one captain inspires other. So many elements in this movie are Leadership gems. You should catch it soon! Let us know what's your favorite.

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