Yes, we have extensive experience in UI UX Design and Development for Enterprise Applications and Mobile Applications. One of or recent projects was for End to End Sourcing Solutions for SMEs. Purchase, Sales, Accounting, Reporting, Finance, Compliance and Logistics. It's a cloud-based application and it's modules on the SaaS model of revenue generation.

It's purely based on your requirement.

We can build mobile applications on both Android and iOS.

We will start with a wireframe, show you various screens, then proceed to design and UI/UX and then development the same to be responsive before even starting the backend core development.

We can create a simple eCommerce site or a full fledged Marketplace where there will be buyers and suppliers and you can simply play the role of Admin getting commissions on both sides. These sites can be equipped with multiple payment gateways, advanced costing and pricing management, payment management, product management and overall enhanced MIS so that your website can work like you would - intuitively.

An eCommerce website, on the other hand, would have many products that you wish to sell. You are selling directly to your customer. There is no third party involved here. There will be numerous custom web pages to showcase your products with the shopping cart and payment gateway capability added to all.

Simply put, do you need a simple eCommerce website or a marketplace like Amazon?

Talk to us to understand the pros and cons of both.

Yes, we do. We create landing pages that strictly adhere to Google's laws when creating a website or a landing page that can be used for AdWords or other marketing. Our primary goal with Landing pages is to be responsive and with lead capturing capability.

Is your website fully functional on your mobile device? Are you seeing the same website that is seen on the desktop except with a micro mini text? Do you zoom in and out of the screen to navigate the website?

Websites should not be that hard to use on any device.

Talk to us for a report on your website's functionality.

This will involve three departments - Design, Development, and Marketing. Design team will create a brand new design for your blog based on your industry. The Development team will create a CMS enabled site so that the Marketing team can update new content/blogs at timely intervals along with relevant visuals. So, yes. We can create and manage your blogs.

We do that, but only if the design is truly worth the efforts and that we can compliment it as well. As a rule, we do not touch other's designs as it's not fair to the designer of that design. And if the design is bad, then we in good conscience, cannot simply turn a blind eye as it will affect the client's business eventually.

We are about 15 members. 6 in Bangalore, 4 in Hyderabad and 3 in Coimbatore and 2 in Chennai.

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There are multiple reasons for that. Whether the site is mobile friendly or not is a primary factor. Content Management and Updation is one of the key reasons as well. Did you know that Google loves fresh content? And that in SEO, the most important part is to keep updating the content so that the Google bots can pick that up and associate it with your keywords?

Talk to us to understand SEO and Content Marketing.

Yes, we do. It's fully customizable.

Yes, it's all covered under our Branding Solutions. ​

We do what fits your business the best.

Website is only the beginning, for your business to go truly digital and conquer the market, you need to reach out to customers from various channels. Pixcid can help you there. Find out more about our services to pick what you need. We will then run a research and share a holistic plan for you.

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